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Industry Institute Interaction services

With the advent of globalization, competition among industries has become more stiff. Most of the companies are following systematic methods to resolve their engineering problems even though some of the problems remain unsolved due to lack of technical expertise and lack of time. Now these organisations look up now to engineering institutions to resolve their unsolved problems. Similarly, there is an urgent need to prepare engineering students for jobs in indian and multinational companies, by exposing them to newer technologies and engineering methodologies. These objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the good academic institutions. Now need of the hour is bridging the gap between both the industries and institution. This will have great bearing on the engineering curriculum, exposure of engineering students.


Industries and institutes have been collaborating for over a century, but the rise of a global knowledge economy has intensified the need for strategic partnerships. The Institutes are imparting the basic knowledge and skill, but the Industry-Institute Interaction will enable to undertake research by staff and students relevant to the industry. The Industry-Institute Interaction should be designed to run longer period for preparing the manpower of world class in the field of science and technology by inculcating the various skills required by the industry, thereby contributing to the economic and social .

Why Bhava Business Consultants?

Our Qualified team of experts coaches the graduate engineer on attitude, skill and knowledge and we transform students in to industry ready employable engineer, that too during his curriculam.

Eventhough the engineering students cleared their course with higher grade and most of them are not ready for industiral requirements. We will act as a bridge between industries and Institute. Our Bridge course is made of tailor made trainings / client specific trainings, which enables the student to acquire enough skills and knowkledge which is required for Industry.

  • Engineering graduates are made as employable engineers in his college days.
  • There is no need for industry to give related trainings as which was already given during his college days by us.
  • Our Specially designed internship programme ensures that the industries can asses the engineering student in their internship stage, so that employment is given to only suitable graduates.
  • We offer pre training to Students regarding industrial concepts, skill set, knowledge and attitude