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Dr Ramesh Bapu, PhD

Dr Sathish, PhD

Dr Vimalanathan, PhD

Dr Dhinakaran, PhD

Dr Vivekanandhan, PhD

Dr Kannan, PhD

Mr Baskarraj

Mr Nagalingam

Dr Rajendiran, PhD

Dr Rajarasalnath, PhD

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor”. Yes, we are inspired by our mentors. Our mentors give us their unconditional support for designing training and workshops for industries and designing tailor made bridge curriculum for industry institute interaction services. The clients who undergone our training and workshops have felt the unique difference. Our each and every services are guided by our mentors with objective that clients must be delighted through the value we can add to their business. Delighting our customers with our service is our core philosophy. We are marching with pride in this service industry, with the prime support of our mentors and clients.

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